Porsche forges partnership with Stuttgart ballet

Zuffenhausen sports cars manufacturer steps up cultural commitment

Stuttgart. The New Year is getting under way with a promising collaboration: starting in January 2012, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG will partner with the Stuttgart ballet, promoting the world famous ballet company’s future appearances and events. The long-term partnership between the Stuttgart ballet and the leading international sports car company is under the banner “premium meets premium”.

Porsche’s goal is a close partnership based on trust.“This collaboration is a coming together of two brands that stand for values such as tradition, innovation and perfection. Our organisations are united not just by regionality and globality but also by a powerful, dynamic aesthetic, behind which lies a great deal of technology,” said Thomas Edig, Deputy Chairman and Member of the Executive Board for Human Resources and Social Affairs of Porsche AG.

“Such a strong partner provides powerful backing for our artistic work,” said Artistic Director Reid Anderson. “Porsche’s support enables us to maintain our focus both on nurturing our choreographical heritage and on our resolute promotion of young dance and choreographical talent and to continue our contribution to the constant renewal of dance as an art form through courageous artistic decisions.”

Marc-Oliver Hendriks, Managing Director of the State Theatre Stuttgart: “We are delighted in the extreme to have acquired in Porsche a partner which, like the Stuttgart ballet, represents within its very brand core the ultimate in quality and sophistication with international reach.”

Porsche’s commitment to ballet is a further activity through which the company discharges its social responsibility. In addition to the recently concluded partnership with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, this cultural sponsorship testifies to Porsche’s ties with Stuttgart and Leipzig. These commitments are beacon projects that, like the company itself, have regional roots but with an impact felt far beyond state and national boundaries.

source: Porsche AG