Simply put: Lifelong passion has turned into a business. Everyone at Lüfteknic is a true enthusiast, and we approach our work from that perspective. As an independent Porsche specialist offering fair service and repairs without compromise, our goal is to be here for the long haul, and we will continue to carry the torch for enthusiasts now and for the future generations. Models 356 to 991, Lüfteknic offers the best in parts, service, restoration, and motorsport preparation. At Lüfteknic we drive Porsches, and will continue to do so because it’s what we love.


The name

The word “Lüfteknic”

Wanting a name that was smart, clean, simple, and memorable, Lüfteknic uses parts of the German language, having its roots in “lüft” meaning air, and “technisch” meaning technical. These roots come to form the Lüfteknic name. The Porsche marque established its roots and made their name with air-cooled engines and 911 models, but we specialize in the full lineage of Porsche automobiles, from the 356 to current day 991, Cayenne and other water-cooled models. The technical efforts in mechanics, repair, technology and development make up the other part of our name.
Lüfteknic building

The facility

Founded on January 1, 2004, we’ve grown steadily into our current location at 1529 Brook Road, just outside the heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia. Our 10,000 sq ft service, restoration and performance facility is home for all things Porsche in the Richmond / Mid Atlantic area. Equipped with three service bays, a large restoration shop, engine and transmission service areas, the latest in OE factory scan tools plus a comfortable waiting area, Lüfteknic can accommodate all services and repairs on the full range of Porsche vehicles.



Our customers and staff

We believe in being honest and upfront with our customers. Our business decisions are grounded in four essential values that guide our relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, the community, and each other. We live these values every day. Our values are: Integrity, Respect for the Individual, Commitment to Excellence, and Teamwork. As a customer you are part of the team.

We have many long-tenured customers who have been coming to Lüfteknic for service of their Porsche cars for many years. The majority of growth in our business has been done the old fashion way, via customer referral, word of mouth and personal relationships.

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We are proud of our staff, whose diverse talents, backgrounds and passion for Porsche enables us to be one of the very best in the business. Our employees reflect that passion in their everyday work. Our mission is simple and clear: to deliver excellent service to our customers and to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. To do this, we hire the best people who are the best fit for our unique culture. We are constantly receiving training on new technology, reading the latest literature, and traveling to shows and meets across the country. We recognize that understanding our customer’s individual needs and delivering the best service is paramount.

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We realize that there are people around us who are less fortunate. In 2001 while working with Kyle Petty, we became aware of a great camp for children. That camp which Kyle started in memory of his son Adam, Victory Junction, became part of Paul Newman’s network of “Hole In The Wall Gang” camps, which has become the SeriousFun Network. Each year we pledge a portion of our profits to this charity.

The SeriousFun Network of camps, in the United States and abroad, provide children with cancer and other serious illnesses a fun and inspiring camping experience, while also extending year-round support to their families. Through these Camp programs they serve more than 80,000 children and their families annually. Since the founding of the Hole in The Wall Gang camps in 1988 the network has helped over 600,000. All of the camp services are provided free of charge to the families and patients. These experiences are made possible only by the donations the organization receives.

Learn more about this charity, and how you can donate, by clicking here:


The American Red Cross is another charity that we donate to, which helps all of us worldwide. The Red Cross provides aid and support in critical times of need, including blood supply, disaster relief and support for our military families. The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization working around the world on an impartial basis to protect and assist people affected by armed conflicts and internal disturbances.

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Our environment

Lüfteknic takes pride in doing its part in recycling and conservation. The used oil from your engine and transmissions is collected and recycled into heating oil and other products. The worn brake rotors and other metallic car parts past their service life are recycled. Almost everything that finds its way off your car can be recycled, reused, or re-engineered into other products, lessening the impact on our environment. The cleaners and solvents we use are either biodegradable or collected for recycling.

Our facility also uses efficient modern lighting systems and other energy saving measures.

Keeping your car in the proper state of repair helps lessen your carbon footprint every day. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Lüfteknic internship

Apprenticeship Program

Here at Lufteknic we value education and today’s youth. With that in mind, we have created a program for high school and college students that wish to further their education within a professional environment. There are opportunities within mechanics, tuning, public relations, motorsports, and design. Our staff is a diverse group with a wide range of education and experience that can help with young peoples future decisions. The marketplace that the youth of today face is much more competitive, fast paced, and difficult than ever before. Lufteknic is at the forefront with e-commerce, marketing, and the Porsche aftermarket growing each day. It can be very exciting for a young person to witness and take part in. This program is available to young people that are between the ages of 18-25. We work with each candidate to bring a program together to accomplish the goals set forth in the first day. After an apprenticeship program has been completed, it can lead to a permanent position on staff. If a candidate has other goals, they can leave Lufteknic with the professional work experience needed to get to the next step in their career.

Please email a cover letter and resume of any work experience and interests to: info@lufteknic.com.

High School Internships

Many of our area high schools have developed a required internship program for their students to participate in during their junior or senior year. If a candidate is interested, they must have a 3.0 GPA and maintain that throughout their stay. The length and type of program can be tailored to fit the individual needs of the student. Each student is responsible, as they would be on the job, to take an active role in the development of goals and tasks. Students have a say in what they want to learn and accomplish. This can be challenging at times, but very rewarding with seeing their ideas come to fruition. There are limited spots each semester, so get that paperwork in early. Parents/Guardians are involved in every step of this process, but most the job will rest on the intern.

Please email a cover letter, school requirements, and resume of any work experience and interests to: info@lufteknic.com.

College Internships

In recent years, colleges have developed real world working experience programs for their students. We welcome the opportunity for students to garner real world experience. Programs can be diverse and are tailored to each student’s desire, concentration of study, and length of time in the program. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, and also maintain that average throughout their internship. These programs can be scheduled during the school year or summer and winter holidays. Students are expected to take an active role in developing what they want to accomplish, and we will work with them in honing a well rounded program worthy of the school credit they receive. This type of internship can be challenging to maintain along with the other responsibilities of school, so time management is an important skill.

Please email a cover letter, school requirements, and resume of any work experience and interests to: info@lufteknic.com.