Customer testimonials

Perhaps our best advertising is our customers. We are fortunate to have customers that have become friends, and our customer retention is high. New folks join the loyalists every day. The heart felt comments, advice, emails, and thoughts keep us motivated. If you have something you would like to add please feel free to send an email to Thanks for your continued support; without you we wouldn’t be here.

“I wanted to thank your crew for the outstanding job installing the new sport suspension on my new Porsche Cayman S.

I look forward to having my Porsche brought to you for future services.”

——E.P. – Fort Lee, VA 10 Cayman S

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the service, support and encouragement Lufteknic provides to Porsche enthusiasts. From the very first visit with my 1978 Targa over two years ago I have been impressed not only by the professional service for routine maintenance but your willingness to share technical advice and restoration guidance. Whether I am looking for a specific OEM part or general knowledge you make time to return the call, respond to an email or read the fax. I never feel rushed and always receive help with my restoration process.

Lufteknic also sponsors a variety of educational tech sessions open to anyone interested in learning more about caring for their Porsche. I particularly enjoyed discussions and hands-on demonstrations of electrical system troubleshooting and powder coating options for restorations. Many of us would not have access to this type of experience without your help and I look forward to the next one.

I am having fun and enjoy the ride but don’t want to get too far down the road without expressing appreciation for an exceptional level of customer service.”

——G.K. – Richmond, VA 78 911SC

“I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the 964 made it to Texas in one piece. I’d like to thank you and Terry and the rest of the folks there for all of your help in inspecting the car and getting it caught up on maintenance in time for my Dad to drive it back. I have always said that I would never buy any car – much less a Porsche – without personally inspecting and driving the car. However, you gave me a lot of confidence from your PPI report, and the car is exactly as you described. I couldn’t be happier with the condition, and thus far there have been “no surprises”. I’m very glad I went through with the purchase.

You will be happy to know I’ve already started giving the car some of the “love” it deserves, embarking on a full detailing. I’ve also pulled the somewhat intermittent clock and resoldered the solder joints on the back, which seems to have fixed it. This weekend I plan to tackle replacing the driver’s side door stay.

Again, thanks for all of your help with the car. Good luck with the business, and if I ever take the car on a trip up to the Northeast I’ll be sure and drop by.”

——W.M. – Dallas, TX 93 964

“I have loved 911s since the first time I ever sat in one. My first car in 1980 was a 1971 911T. I learned then how important a Porsche savvy and honest mechanic is. Since 1980 I have employed many fine mechanics which has enabled a school teacher to drive the ultimate automobile, the Porsche 911.

In the winter of 2000, I thought I would have to give up my 1980 911 Targa. I had exhausted my list of reputable mechanics, and still had a car which would stop running at the most inconvenient times. Even AAA no longer responded to my towing needs. Robert was my car’s last hope as I had spent a fortune on other mechanics to no avail. Seven years later I am still driving the the Targa thanks to Robert. He has proven to be an outstanding diagnostician as well as an ace mechanic.

Lufteknic is the most professional of all the outfits I have used. My bills are meticulously itemized as are suggestions for future preventive measures to be taken in order to avoid malfunctions from an aging car. Everyone at Lufteknic treats my car and me with utmost respect and consideration.

If you have a Porsche, you need a mechanic who has the quality and integrity of a Porsche. You need Lufteknic!!”

——B.D. – Richmond, VA 80 911SC

“I stopped by your shop on a visit back to Richmond–impressed by what I saw keep up the good work…”

——R.K. – Salisbury, NC 87 911

“I just picked up my 356 63B coupe today at Lufteknic, a Richmond, Virginia, Porsche shop operated by Chris and his son Robert and lovely Terry in charge of the appointments and admistration. These folks replaced my link and king pins, tie rod ends, fashioned a new left strut, repaired some holes in the pan sheet metal, replaced my front and rear windshield rubber and rubber around the tailights, bled and adjusted the brakes, fixed some other minor things, painted the trunk and gas tank, and generally babied “Fast Frieda” for a few weeks. I would visit as the work was proceding and each time, Chris and Robert would show me the status of the work. Chris showed me the old pins–some were frozen!

As I drove her home, Frieda felt like a new car–the suspension and steering felt as solid as my wife’s 2005 BMW 325. What a difference!

Chris and Robert love Porsches, having restored a Speedster that Chris owns, many others and have really filled a niche here in Richmond with a beautiful and clean shop, friendly and expert service and a wealth of knowledge that is fantastic–especially about 356s. Their business is a labor of love and has grown quickly since starting up a few years ago.

I am not in any way linked to Lufteknic except that I am a very happy customer. These folks know their stuff.”

——P.D. – Richmond, VA 63 356B

“I wanted to write and thank you for your hospitality today. The shop is great and it was a
pleasure hanging out there. It’s nice to know there is a Porsche shop close by I can come to
and pick stuff up.”

——S.L. – Virginia Beach, VA 911SC

“OK, people are going nuts over my car. Everywhere I go I get comments. You won’t be surprised to hear that the number one comment is “NICE WHEELS”. I stressed out over getting the Fikses and wasn’t sure I was going to like them but they set everything else off. (Even my wife likes them) I’m glad you voted that way.

After you got done Louis worked more then a little magic. He spent 6 days cleaning and shining until the car looked new. Actually, I don’t think it ever looked this good when it was new. They cleaned and dyed the seats and somehow patched a tear so that I can’t tell it was ever torn. The paint looks wet and the old plastic and rubber that had turned grey is black again.

I expected the ride to be harder with the suspension lower. It is better than ever. Kate says she is more comfortable as a passenger than before.”

——S.S. – Richmond, VA 87 911

“Thank you for providing excellent workmanship and service. When my 911 recently needed routine services and an insurance covered glass repair Lufteknic not only got the job done right but also went above and beyond to help me navigate the insurance company’s maze of paperwork. The Porsche ownership experience is only as good as one’s mechanic and this satisfied Porsche owner is very appreciative of Lufteknic! We should have snapped the picture after you gave it a bath, it never looks as nice as when it leaves your shop – another thing I appreciate.”

—— M. H. – Richmond, VA 91 964


“I bought my 993 Twin Turbo in August of 2004 and am the 5th owner. Before buying the car, I had a local Porsche dealer perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection as well as a compression test – both of which checked out fine. After only two months of ownership, I started having the dreaded “blue smoke at start-up” and Check Engine Light issues. My local dealer only seemed to be interested in addressing the symptoms – much to my ongoing frustration.

I decided to take my car to Lufteknic for a second opinion and was immediately impressed that Robert spent the better part of 30 minutes talking through the history, the issues and the possible solutions. I quickly got the feeling that he wanted me to be an understanding participant and an active part of the solution. My 993 is more than just transportation to me. I take pride in owning it and a lot of joy in driving it, and I appreciate everyone at Lufteknic placing the same value in me as a customer that I do in the car I drive. The service they provide represents more than just a transaction because my 993 represents more than just an automobile.

I have had fun making improvements to the car and learning a lot about it along the way. I am now spending more and more days with the car on the track, which gives me a greater appreciation for the additions we have made. I think the bottom line is that I give Robert and the crew at Lufteknic credit for improving my overall experience of Porsche ownership. I may have started out as the 5th owner of the car, but I know I’ll happily be the last.

There are numerous dealers and independent auto shops in the greater New York – New Jersey area, but the 350-mile trip to Richmond is worth every bit of confidence I have in the people at Lufteknic.”

——P.D. – NYC, NY 96 993TT


“Thank you again to you and Robert for your help…I’ve been enjoying the car and it’s great to have peace of mind at the same time, knowing that you all have done a thorough check of the car!”

——K. – Maryland 97 993


“I’ve been involved with customer service with a fortune 10 company for twenty-five years and have been very impressed with how your staff has gone out of their way to help me with my new purchase of my dream car.”

——T.J. – Jacksonville, FL 01 996


“Thanks to Robert, Chris and Terry at Lufteknic for all your help, advice and workmanship. I just picked up my car having a new SSI exhaust installed with new Monty muffler and WOW what a dramatic difference it made!

Robert spoke the truth when he said “its your biggest bang for your buck when installing a performance exhaust.” The car accelerates much quicker and with greater response—and not to mention what a great sound! Not obnoxiously loud just a great tone. I also purchased new Recaro seats and carpet kit which completes the interior restoration. The seats help me feel more connected to the car with more and better driver feedback. Needless to say it looks awesome.
Thanks again for all your help guys!”

——E.F. – Richmond, VA 81 911SC


“Though none of their ads mentions anything about servicing waterpumpers, the crew at Lufteknic has been keeping my 944 Turbo on the road since I moved to Richmond. Robert has answered my endless technical questions and never discouraged me from making my own repairs. The new Recaros look great, thanks for all your help!”

——M.D. – Richmond, VA 86 951


“I want to thank you for the work you did on my car.

Yesterday, I drove the 993 with the new Bilstein suspension you installed. WOW! It’s a tremendous
improvement over the stock setup. I’m looking forward to a Blue Ridge Parkway trip this Spring.

I really appreciate the attention and help you’ve given me with my 911 over the last year. You and
everyone at the shop have provided nothing but friendly and informed advice. My car (and my 911
knowledge) is much improved since we met. Thanks again and have a great weekend.”

——S.C. – Richmond, VA 97 993


“In August of 2006 I finally bought my first “real” car. I say real because having driven my Porsche, no other vehicle I’ve owned seems worthy of being called a car. Immediately I began to obsess over every detail. I’ve waxed every painted surface on the car, even the surfaces no one will ever see, at least once a week. I generally apply leather conditioner at least twice a month. I cringe at the thought of driving in the rain and I have irritated my wife beyond belief several times by suggesting that she should change her jeans before entering my car for fear that her buttons would scratch a seat. So, you can understand that I am very picky about anyone who might be entrusted with the inner workings of the object of my obsession. All I can say is thank goodness I found Lufteknic. Robert is a perfectionist, a true pro who possesses a wealth of knowledge and is more than willing to share it. On more than one occasion he has allowed me to bring my car in on a moment’s notice. I cannot say enough great things Robert, Chris and Terry. Perhaps the fact that nobody will touch my car outside of Lufteknic says it all. Not everyone gets just how special it is to own a Porsche. These guys definitely do.”

—— C.S. – Richmond, VA 01 996


“The work you recently performed on my 911 is beyond amazing! Shifting has never been so effortless. Changing gears used to be an aerobic workout. Now the transmission is as close to perfect as you can get. I have owned this car for over 15 years. I bought it mostly for its performance. I guess I didn’t know performance until I got the car back from you last week. Honest to God I thought I was flying an F-15 off the end of an aircraft carrier!! The last several days, driving this car has been a real testimony to your knowledge and skills. Yep, it ain’t a cheap thrill as far as the bank account goes, but the Porsche received lots of replenished value from all of the improvements you made. Thanks for your excellent work. If anyone asks you for a reference check, let them speak to me. I’ll give them a short speech and give them the flight of a lifetime. Great work.

PS: I have to share with you that I gave my 16 year old son a ride the evening I picked-up the car. During the short 20 minute “test run,” he sucked air and was squawking the whole time. To say he was thrilled is an absolute understatement.”

—— S.V. – Richmond, VA 82 911SC