GT3 Video series – Part 1 (delivery and basics)

While we have been working on it for some time, we are now officially taking the lid off of our 991 GT3 Video Series. Partnered with Idea Television, who is producing the series, we will document what it will be like to live with and drive the Porsche super-car on a day to day basis, from normal driving characteristics and vehicle service, to track use and modifications.

The 991 GT3 models, in both standard and new ‘RS’ variations are the pinnacle of Porsche performance for the dedicated driving enthusiast. Track-bred super cars which offer a combination of performance, handling and surprising efficiency and ease of use.

In these first two installments we cover the delivery of our long-awaited GT3, and provide a basic overview of the car. Please follow along as we continue with the series, and feel free to email comments or questions to us for possible inclusion in future episodes.

We look forward to hearing from you.