Porsche is main sponsor of the Hesse House in Tübingen

To mark the anniversary of “60 years of Baden-Württemberg”

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is the main sponsor of the new Hesse House in Tübingen. The sports car manufacturer took the “60 years of Baden-Württemberg” anniversary as an opportunity to support the setting up of a literature museum in honour of Hermann Hesse with a total of 100,000 euro. In so doing, Porsche would like to help showcase the poet’s formative early years in the virtually unchanged original rooms, where he worked.

On the occasion of the official signing of the contract in Tübingen, Lutz Meschke, CFO of Porsche AG, said: “This commitment is of a piece with the numerous cultural projects that Porsche has supported in previous years. Returning the Kafka library to Prague or supporting the Marbach literature archive are just two examples of this. Porsche as a company is particularly concerned to assume its social responsibility in this arena as well.”

“We are bringing Hesse back to where his literary career began,” said Boris Palmer, Lord Mayor of Tübingen. He was pleased that “the importance of the university town of Tübingen as a literary and scientific centre will be bolstered by the new museum”. The new Hesse House, he said, is “stimulating cultural education, which is of particular benefit to children and young people”. Palmer anticipates that the institution will develop an impact which will be felt far beyond the region.

The 500 year old house in Tübingen’s old town, which is to accommodate the literature museum, has been closely associated with the history of Hermann Hesse for many years. This is where the poet trained as a book dealer from 1895 to 1898. It was also during this period that his first poems and prose pieces came into being. The rooms are still virtually in their original state. In addition to exhibitions, the Hesse House will also provide space for smaller reading events and lectures.

source: Porsche AG