Falken Tribute

Falken Tire Tribute

Historically Porsche has always been a brand well-represented by customer and privateer teams in motorsport. It could be argued that the modern-day formula for mass-production GT racing cars was pioneered, developed and wholly built by Porsche with the advent of the Cup cars back into the late 80s. Still, as modern GT racing has become more and more cost prohibitive and fewer teams, companies or individuals either can’t or choose not to foot the bill, the number of privateer teams running the top-level GT 911, the RSR, can be counted on one hand. That number next year may well fall to zero. Team Falken Tire has announced that with the completion of the 2015 IMSA Tudor United Sportscar Championship they will officially end their RSR program.

Team Falken Tire has been a fan-favorite since their full time debut in the American Le Mans Series back in 2010. As other Porsche privateers have passed by the wayside, either changing brands, class or dropping out of racing altogether, Falken remained. As the only non-factory team to run a current-spec 991 GT3 RSR in a pro category, Falken was consistently a giant killer in terms of performance versus resources, and getting the most from their program on an activation level. Back to back Petit Le mans victories and podiums at Sebring two years in a row, besting the factory Porsche cars on each occasion, along with victories at Baltimore (2) and Mid Ohio (1) shows the level of commitment they had as a team and tire manufacturer. Going against the best in the world isn’t easy, but they sure made it look fun.

A silver lining could be in seeing the Walker Racing run program come back next year under different sponsorship. But without the now iconic teal and blue RSR on the IMSA grid, it’ll be a less colorful place to be sure.