GIAC Tuning

Lüfteknic is a full-line GIAC tuning facility, offering in-house ECU upgrades for most popular Porsche models, as well as select Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Among the top software tuning companies, we’ve found GIAC to offer the best available upgrades for the Porsche range. Aside from the desired increases in horsepower and torque, GIAC software offers an improved overall driving experience, with better throttle response, improved part throttle performance and sometimes even an increase in fuel efficiency. Most tunes feature raised rev-limits and higher top-speed limiters for the street and track.

Best of all, GIAC tunes to factory correction parameters,  which means that even with the increase in performance, all of your Porsche’s ‘fail-safe’ ECU functions such as knock-control and DTC logging remain intact. This means performance without worry, and GIAC-tuned vehicles with the proper service will typically see no degradation in long term durability and service. 

Contact Lüfteknic directly via email or call 800.356.2997 for GIAC Tuning options, pricing and installation for your Porsche, Audi or Volkswagen. 

About GIAC

GIAC is a software engineering company with over 20 years’ experience tuning cars. They are known for creating “factory smooth” performance software with exceptional power and reliability. GIAC software replaces the standard software in your car’s engine control unit and is programmed to adjust ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and/or speed limiters to optimize performance and, in some applications, fuel economy. Performance-tuned programs are designed to dramatically increase torque and HP without sacrificing smooth drivability. Many programs are also created to accommodate numerous aftermarket performance modifications.


GIAC is focused on designing after-market software for Porsche ®, Audi ®, VW ®, BMW ®, and Bentley ® and others on a case-by-case basis. Accessory products include the Flashloader Software and handheld switchers, which enable remote controlled chip switching device for easy switching between multiple GIAC programs and the stock program. Special tuning options for custom projects are available, and GIAC is one of the only top-level software developers to do so. 


GIACs development team employs proprietary GIAC software and a variety of debuggers, emulators and scopes to tackle the most complex tuning problems. Their dedicated research facility in Irvine, CA houses a 4WD Mustang Dynamometer and state of the art tools for developing and testing software. Expertise in software and circuit design, combined with an understanding of embedded technology, enable GIAC to offer a broad range of flexible tuning solutions.


Tuning is an art. To tune for optimal performance is to tune for a careful combination of speed, strength, and agility that varies as driver tastes vary. GIAC exists to tune cars for the way people like to drive.

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