Bosch Car Service

Lüfteknic is proud to have been an authorized Bosch Car Service center since near inception. Bosch Car Service centers consist of the very best independently-owned service centers, with more than 15,000 members in the worldwide network.  To qualify for membership, each service center must pass a rigorous certification process based on technical skill, customer service, and facility design and appearance.


BOSCH Authorized Car Service:

Bosch is one of the oldest brands of the world, with over 100 years in North America, and its diversity continues to grow and thrive. Bosch offers a very broad range of products and services that make personal and professional life easier and safer – from ignition plugs, washing machines, power tools, has an independent company audit and score Bosch Car Service centers to ensure the best in consistent quality and service. It takes more from us to be a Bosch Car Service center, but taking the easy road isn’t how we approach our business, and going to extra mile to be the best is worth it for us and our customers.packaging materials, to fire alarm systems. The company now is focused in three separate categories Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer goods and Building technology. Brands Include Blaupunkt Car audio, navigation components, and MANN filter both very respected and well established German brand names.

BOSCH Corporate:

Since the beginning European cars have had Bosch as a partner for technology development. Porsche has had Bosch components since the beginning. We have all seen the Bosch logo on engine parts and components for years. Fuel injection systems, Anti-lock brake systems, and of course ignition systems have found their home in our cars. Innovations from Bosch have shaped automotive history and they continue to do so today. As the world’s biggest independent automotive supplier, Bosch does a lot to ensure that driving keeps becoming cleaner, safer and more economical – from state-of-the-art technology to good entertainment and professional garage check-ups. There isn’t a single car today which isn’t produced using Bosch designed and supplied parts or patents.

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