1993 Porsche 911 Type 964 RS America

This RS America, one of the USA-only semi-stripped down 964 C2 models, like the luckiest of Porsches bearing an RS designation has been taken the path of ‘well used.’ You see, a lot of the motorsport-specials from Porsche tend to fall into one of two categories: garage-kept prom-queens or used-up street and track cars. While it’s good someone out there is preserving cars by not using them, we always tend to think of that as a fate worse than death for any Porsche, let alone an RS. We’re also glad it’s not us. 

A lot of our customers tend to feel the same way, so when the owner of this particular Polar Silver RSA first picked up the car and began prepping it for DE use, it seemed the natural thing to do. The 964, not always the most-loved of the 911 models, was still relatively inexpensive and the RS America even in its most perfect form was fetching nothing close to the 6-digit figures they can now. 

After addressing most of the normal necessities, such as brake pads, fluids and tires, it was off to the track. Although not inexperienced, it was still pretty early-on in the learning curve for the owner, and as fate would have it the car would eventually end upon its roof with nearly every panel on the car damaged.  

A late night call meant that we dragged ourselves out of bed to meet the transporter, delivering the car fresh from the track. After accessing the damage, which aside from the roof was mostly cosmetic, and getting the car running with a fresh filter and oil, the decision was made to build the car into the one originally envisioned by the owner, albeit on a faster time table. 

A brand new sunroof-free roof was sourced from Porsche Germany, and a variety of new panels and pieces came together to replace the damaged ones. The rear quarter panels are attached with cam-lock fasteners, which was not only cheaper than ‘proper’ replacement, it allows for fitment of wider rears should they ever be desired, or replacement of a panel should it ever get damaged again on or off track. 

New fenders, driver’s door, replacement rear decklid and aftermarket spoiler (painted to look like factory) were all painted, and installed. Genuine 964/993 RSR pins keep both the front hood and rear decklid in place.  Lastly, the long-gone RS America stickers were copied into stencil form and painted on the side skirts and decklid.

Interior wise, the car was toughed up significantly. A Momo wheel replaces the factory air-bag wheel, Recaro race seats replace the factory C2 units, and a proper roll cage adds to both the safety of the occupants and the torsional rigidity of the chassis. 

The transmission remains stock, with the factory LSD, and a single-mass Euro RS clutch and flywheel set up held in place by a Delrin solid transmission mont. Internally the engine is stock (and remains so to this day) with the addition of an Carrera Cup air box, exhaust, European RS engine mounts and a carbon fiber heater bypass pipe. 

Lastly, a Euro 964 RS suspension and adjustable sway bars are a substantial step up from the factory RS America pieces. 

 Perhaps best of all in this build, it has seen miles and miles of track service, and although it no longer sees any street duty aside from the occasional trip to or from Lüfteknic, it still has many years of driving ahead of it, like a proper Porsche. 

-Chassis: 1993 911 Porsche RS America type 964, removed carpet and sound deadening, Cup-based full welded in roll cage, Recaro HANS driver’s seat, Recaro Profi XL passenger seat, Willans safety harnesses, fire extinguisher system, 3.2 Carrera lower dash, Momo Mod 07 steering wheel. Deleted sunroof via a new OEM Porsche roof, Cam Loc rear quarter panel fasteners, Cup-style front tow loop, fiberglass rear decklid and spoiler. 

-Drivetrain:  3.6 liter flat-six w/ Carrera Cup air box, exhaust, Euro 964 RS engine mounts, carbon fiber heater bypass pipe, Euro 964 RS clutch and flywheel, Euro 964 RS shifter, G50 5-speed w/ stock limited slip differential, Delrin solid transmission mount. 

-Suspension: Euro 964 RS height-adjustable coil over suspension, mono ball upper mounts, Euro 964 RS adjustable sway bars front and rear.

-Brakes:  Factory calipers and rotors, Pagid RS19 brake pads front and rear, ATE Type 200 brake fluid. 

-Wheels: Cup 1 17×7 / 17×8 for street use w/ Toyo RA1 tires, 205/50 and 255/40 respectively.  Cup 2 17×7 / 17×9 for track use w/ Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, 205/50 and 255/40 respectively. 

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