1996 Porsche 911 Turbo

We’ve had quite a history with this particular car as its owner is one of our best and longest-tenured customers. For its most recent round of improvements we converted from factory all wheel drive to two wheel drive a-la GT2, along with a fresh engine rebuild, larger hybrid turbos, a few suspension tweaks and a shortened shifter assembly. 

Previously this Turbo had seen significant track time but recent family obligations (and a dedicated 993 C2 track car) means that it now sees more street use than anything else. Because of this and the two wheel drive conversion we set the suspension and alignment specifications to something less aggressive than they had been previously while still more sporting than the factory settings. 

With the RS front uprights and tie rod assemblies, revised alignment, fresh motor and quick-spooling hybrid turbochargers this 993 is an absolute blast to drive. 

-Chassis: 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo type 993, all factory panels and rear deck lid / spoiler, DAS Sport half cage (with custom powder coat), Cobra Suzuka Pro seats w/ modified sliders and OEM Porsche 964 RS seat belt receiver mounting brackets, (5-point harness anchors w/ Willans harnesses for track), Porsche 993 RS steering wheel, FD Motorsports short shift mechanism, 993 2wd shift box, alcantara covered shift knob / boot, passenger seat mounted fire extinguisher.  Also uses RS engine mounts.

-Drivetrain: Converted to two wheel drive. Porsche 3.6L flat-six w/ fully balanced and blueprinted internals, MAHLE pistons and cylinders, K24/K16 hybrid turbochargers, Tubi exhaust system, Techart exhaust tips, Raceware rod bolts, big-valve heads w/ competition valve job, motorsport diverter valves, Jerry Woods Enterprises rod bearings, Sachs Motorsport RS clutch and flywheel kit, removed power-assist clutch (Turbo exclusive system) for GT2 / 993 clutch hydraulics, including power steering pump, reservoir, lines and clutch master and slave cylinders. 

-Suspension: Bilstein PSS10 coilover suspension, Porsche 964/993 RSR front uprights, Porsche 964/993 RS tie rod assemblies, OE rear geometry and anti-roll bars.

-Brakes: 993TT ‘Big Red’ calipers, brake discs and brake pads, ATE Type 200 race fluid.

-Wheels: Fikse FM10 18×8.5″ and 18×11″ w/ Michelin Pilot Sport 225/40 R18 and 295/30 R18 tires, respectively. 

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