1987 Porsche 911 Turbo

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

Whether well earned or not, the 911 Turbo model 930 has a reputation as being a bit of a handful for those who we might gently describe as “less gifted” drivers. When it first arrived in the mid-1970s the 930’s combination of massive turbo lag, the 911 platform’s natural rearward weight bias and a tendency for snappy throttle-lift oversteer led to many cars going off the road in an untended direction. Usually when the driver was caught out by one or perhaps all of the above factors. Throw rain and 1970s tire technology into the mix and it’s more a question of when, not if, your 930 was going to reach out and bite you.

Naturally when you take one of these ‘fearsome’ Turbos and throw in more power, a race suspension, powerful brakes and an aggressively tuned limited slip differential, a vanity tag referencing the Red Rider BB-gun from the modern-classic film A Christmas Story only seems appropriate. We built this 180mph rocket as the street stablemate to this customer’s similarly spec’d 930 Turbo race car. 

Clean, fast, built with the right parts and driven hard. This remains one of our favorite projects. 

-Chassis: 1987 Porsche 930 w/ bolt-in half cage, Recaro Sport seats, Willans 4-point 3″ harness belts, Momo steering wheel, gauge work includes rotated / reprinted tachometer scale, boost gauge in the original clock location, numerical temperature gauge. 

-Drivetrain: Engine rebuilt to 3.3L, 965 Bosch CIS plumbing and diverter valve, K27 HFS turbo by UMW, Blown 6 965 intercooler, GHL headers /heat exchangers and GHL muffler. G50/1 5-speed transmission (converted from 4-speed) rebuilt w/ steel synchros in gears 3, 4 and 5 and Guard Transmission GT2 ‘Pro’ limited slip differential,  hydraulic clutch pedal assembly, master and slave cylinders, shortened bell housing, Patrick Motorsports G50 short bell housing conversion flywheel, Center Force clutch. Removed A/C. 

-Suspension:  911 RSR Bilstein coil over suspension w/ Hypercoil springs, ERP 935 rear spring plates, ERP 935 front suspension, Tarett through-body front sway bar, 

-Brakes: Factory 930 calipers and discs, Pagid pads, ATE Racing Brake fluid.

-Wheels: Fikse Profil 10 forged 3-piece wheels w/ Michelin Pilot Sport 2 245/45 R17 and 275/40 R17 tires. 

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