1969 Porsche 912

Full mechanical and aesthetic restoration from the ground up, both interior and exterior. The base car was fairly well off, relative to some of the other more rusty examples that are typically seen. Fairly minimal metal work was needed and a majority of original parts were retained, reconditioned and reused. The sheetmetal repairs basically consisted of replacement of the front suspension pan area. A very common repair for early 900 series cars. Everything was done to keep the vehicle as original and period correct as possible, to the extent of the customer’s wishes. Chassis was refinished in its original color of Irish Green. Completed in late summer 2014. The owner has driven this car to numerous local events, and has made a trip to Florida as well as recently to the Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana. This car drives as nice as it looks.

This vehicle was chosen to represent the 1969 model-year at the 2015 Porsche Parade as part of the Porsche Club of America’s 60th anniversary. The owner actually entered his car in the restoration category at the Parade and was able to place 3rd in the highly competitive competition. His car also placed high enough to receive the Weissach trophy.

-Chassis: 1969 912 Coupe. Sheetmetal repairs to the front suspension pan. Chassis was stripped/cleaned and repainted from bare metal. swaybar mounts were added front and rear. Hardware was replaced and/or re-plated throughout. Interior was fully redone with the upholstery work being done by Autos International. Front seats had the hounds-tooth inserts added with the rework. Gauges were cleaned, restored and calibrated by North Hollywood Speedometer. Headliner and carpet set were also supplied by Autos International, and installed when we assembled the car. Door panel pockets were replaced with new genuine Porsche. New seals and rubber trim were replaced from stem to stern. Chrome bits were re-plated as needed inside and out. All hand/pedal controls were serviced with new bushings, cables, seals, etc. Customer also chose to add accessories of front fog-lights, and bumper bars to the front and rear bumper areas.

-Drivetrain: original 912 engine and gearbox were rebuilt. The engine was barely in running shape on arrival, it was completely disassembled for overhaul. New piston/cylinders, heads had complete valve-job, new aluminum oil cooler, crankshaft and rods were rebuilt to a std/std spec. Sheetmetal was powdercoated, hardware either replaced or re-plated. Distributor was rebuilt/re-curved. Solex carbs had complete overhaul as well. A mild Norris camshaft was also installed. Current displacement is 1720cc. Engine also has a full flow oil filter installed. Customer had sourced a NOS Abarth 912 exhaust that was fitted at time of assembly. This engine was rebuilt with the European spec heater/exhaust system.

This 912 being an early 1969 model it actually came equipped with a sandcast 901 5-speed gearbox. New bearings and synchros, gaskets replaced throughout. Stock gear ratios and ring/pinion were retained. Axles were replaced with new GKN units. Flywheel was balanced with new SACHS clutch components.

-Suspension: New bearings and bushings at various points were replaced as needed. Sway-bar mounts installed and prepared before chassis paint. Suspension was completely broken down for all steel parts to be powdercoated. Stock torsion bars were retained. Stock ride height was requested by the owner. 930 front tie-rods were also installed. Koni adjustable dampers at all 4 corners.

-Brakes: Stock 912. Calipers were overhauled with new sleeves in caliper bores, pistons were remade in stainless, housings were powdercoated, caliper hardware was replaced. New lines and hoses throughout with a new ATE master cylinder installed.  Front rotors were replaced, and rear rotors were servicable but also NLA so they were blasted clean, and repainted. Pads are OE Porsche. ATE type 200 brake fluid.

Wheels: Currently has new production Stoddard 4.5″x15″ steel Porsche wheels. 165/15 Michelin tires.

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