1964 Porsche 356C

This car was sitting at another shop for several years after an accident before finally coming to us. Currently undergoing complete restoration. Scheduled for completion late 2015. Check back for updates.

-Chassis: 1964 Porsche 356 SC. Extensive sheetmetal repairs from crash damage, rust, and poor body repairs in the past. Stock panels, trim and appearance are retained. Car is refinished in its original color, Ivory.

-Drivetrain: Original engine overhauled. current displacement is 1720cc JE pistons with cast iron cylinders, engine internals all have been balanced and blueprinted. Overhauled Solex 40 carbs, overhauled/re-curved Bosch distributor, mild Norris cam. Additional full-flow oil filter. Aluminum oil cooler. Stainless 356 sport muffler along with powdercoated sheetmetal. All hardware re-plated.

Gearbox was overhauled with new wear parts replaced (bearings, synchros, brake bands, etc.) Taller 4th gear installed for nice highway cruising. Hardware re-plated and steel items have been powdercoated.

-Suspension:  New bushings, bearings throughout. Front spindle/link-pin assembly restored with new bushings, checked for straightness. Koni adjustable dampers at all 4 corners, including steering damper. Stock torsion bars/leaves.

-Brakes: 356 disc brake system with new rotors, re-sleeved calipers with stainless pistons, stock compound brake pads. dual circuit master cylinder conversion, new lines and hoses throughout. Ate Type 200 brake fluid.

-Wheels: Stoddard new production steel wheels. 5.5″x15″ chrome.

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