From April 2015

Report: 2015 Hershey Swap Meet

Lufteknic Hershey 2015 header

As ever, this year’s Hershey Porsche Swap Meet, held and hosted by the Central Pa. Region PCA, featured a range of not-to-be-missed cars, parts and people. Pennsylvania has long been a car-lovers’ haven, no matter what kind of cars you happen to be into. Maybe it’s something in the water in the Keystone state. Or perhaps it’s something to do with the area’s deep Germanic roots and legendary racing locals such as Al Holbert, or the Andretti and Leitzinger families.

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GT3 Video series – Part 1 (delivery and basics)

While we have been working on it for some time, we are now officially taking the lid off of our 991 GT3 Video Series. Partnered with Idea Television, who is producing the series, we will document what it will be like to live with and drive the Porsche super-car on a day to day basis, from normal driving characteristics and vehicle service, to track use and modifications.

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