From June 2010

Start of the New “Gran Turismo” Special Exhibition

Stuttgart. Starting today, the Museum of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is opening its Special Exhibition on Gran Turismo Motoring: From 29 June to 25 July 2010 visitors to the Porsche Museum are able to admire the Porsche 911 GT1 (996 model series), the 911 GT2 (997 series), and the 911 GT3 RS (997 series) at this great event.

All three of these racing cars share the term “GT”. But what exactly lurks behind this abbreviation of the Italian term “Gran Turismo”? Originally these two letters stood for the concept of “Grand Motoring”, since GT cars used to be relatively comfortable sports cars for long-distance racing.
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Porsche Motorsport welcomes new partners

Stuttgart. Porsche enjoys growing popularity as a partner in motorsport advertising and sponsoring. Alongside the existing partnerships with the brands Veltins, Tudor, Loctite, ZF Sachs, BBS, Fein, Hazet, MAN and Sigma, many other associations were renewed and intensified. The contracts of Porsche AG with ExxonMobil and Michelin as worldwide cooperation partners were extended, as were the motorsport cooperations with adidas, Emitec, Brembo, Ultimate, BT Bremsen Technik and Stand 21. Rolf Benz, WMF and Darboven continue as hospitality partners.
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Porsche and Volkswagen see encouraging operating business

Structural changes impact Porsche SE group’s results

Stuttgart. Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart, is able to report that its holdings’ operations continued to develop favorably throughout the first nine months of fiscal 2009/10, which ends on 31 July 2010. In this period, Porsche Zwischenholding GmbH group, in which Porsche SE holds a 50.1 percent share and which is primarily made up of Porsche AG and its subsidiaries, achieved an operating result of 0.6 billion euro. The group continues to report a two-digit return on sales. Revenue increased by 11.8 percent in relation to the comparative period of the prior year to 5.2 billion euro. Read more