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Our 991 GT3 Development Video Series, produced in conjunction with Idea Televsion, is our endeavor to bring  an in depth look at Porsche’s latest track-bred super car, the 991 911 GT3. A true race car for the street with all of Porsche’s latest engine-management and electronic technologies, the new GT3 represents the pinnacle of sports car engineering as well as a unique platform for race tuning and custom development. Idea Television and Lüfteknic have partnered together to bring you videos on the car’s mechanical basics, motorsports applications, history, capabilities, and tuning prospects. 

991 GT3 video series: Delivery

This installment brings you a brief overview of the 2014 GT3’s basic elements and evolution with Chas Conklin at Porsche Silver Spring.

991 GT3 video series: Basics

This primer on the car takes you into driving impressions and the new features this car has over its predecessors.

991 GT3 video series: underneath the car

We got our new GT3 up on the lift and begin to unveil some of the technical and mechanical advancements in the new car.

991 GT3 video series: 2015 vs 2003 RS

A sit down discussion comparing our ex-ALMS 2003 Porsche GT3 RS race car and its direct descendant, the 2014 991 GT3.

991 GT3 video series: Generations

We bring together all three generations of the Porsche GT3. Robert Overholser explains the similarities and differences between the 991 GT3 and its predecessors, the types 996 and 997.

991 GT3 video series: On track impressions

Our first track day in the new GT3. Porsche Club of America Instructor Fernando Silva-Pinto discusses braking dynamics, suspension settings, the new PDK gearbox, and the 9,000 rpm redline as well as the potential for further development at Lüfteknic to make the GT3 an even greater track car.

991 GT3 video series: Under the skin

Bringing an in-depth look at the new materials and processes that make the 991 GT3 a lightweight track weapon. We go  underneath and inside the GT3 to unveil the ingenuity and exoticism of the car while also showing the average owner exactly how the systems under the skin work.

991 GT3 video series: PDK comparison

Fernando Silva-Pinto, veteran PCA instructor, compares and contrasts the double clutch PDK systems in the 991 GT3 and a 2015 Cayman. Robert Overholser and Nathan Brown of Lüfteknic sit down with Mr. Silva-Pinto to discuss the emotive programming changes that makes Porsche’s PDK the most versatile and sophisticated double-clutch gearbox ever sold to the public.